About Us

Founded In 2020, Picky Beast is a consumer technology website created to provide high-quality Tech content to help people use technology in the most efficient way possible.

We cover everything from leaks and new launches to upcoming smartphones and gadgets in the News section to keep you updated with the latest trends in consumer and personal technology. We have our unique way of comparisons and in-depth Tech Reviews on Smartphones, Accessories, Wearables, Apps, Softwares and other Gadgets to find the right products for your use cases.

Our Best Picks section helps you find the best, top, recommended list of smartphones and other Gadgets. We have huge collections of Tutorials, Guides, How To’s, Tips and Tricks related to consumer and personal tech to help you ease your life and improve productivity. We also publish our opinions(thoughts) on various devices, brands, services or anything happening in the tech world.

Our goal is to keep everything very simple and minimalistic for an average person to benefit from our content and make their life easier and more productive.

Meet the Team

Picky Beast is founded as a team in Mind. But we are in an emerging face. We are so limited to a single body right now.

Mohamed Rasi P

Rasi is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from Kerala, India. He’s been passionate about technology since his younger days. He spends a lot of time helping friends and family pick the best gadgets for their needs. His interests cover many areas, including smartphones, accessories, laptops, headphones, etc. In 2020, he founded Picky Beast to take his passion to the next level.