Anker Soundcore Life Note Review

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review

Anker Soundcore Life Note is an excellent value offering True Wireless Earphone(TWS) for the budget-conscious. Anker may not be well known in India, but it is an industry-leading and very well known brand for its power banks and adaptors across the world. The company’s audio products under the Soundcore brand are very popular. The Soundcore life note is not available in most Western markets, but it’s very similar to highly praised Soundcore Life P2. To be exact, the only difference is in the design and the IP rating; almost identical in other aspects.

The Anker Soundcore Life Note is available on Flipkart at a price of Rs.2999. Though the box claims it costs Rs.6999, its cost can go down to Rs.1999 or Rs.2199 during the sales. The product also offers 1.5 years of warranty than the typical one year warranty we get with other TWS earphones.

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What is in the Box?

In the box, you’ll find a charging case, earbuds, good quality type-c cable, some paperwork, and four pairs of silicone ear tips to ensure a snug fit. This is great because having the right size is crucial for proper sound reproduction.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review - Box Contents


Charging Case

The Soundcore Life Note comes with a pebble-shaped charging box, which is quite big compared to other TWS earphones on the market. This is mainly due to the enormous 810 mAh battery, which offers an excellent 40 hours of total playback. However, this makes it somewhat large to carry in your pocket. The magnets holding the earbuds are strong. When closing the lid, you hear a nice tapping sound. The case comes in either black or white to match the colour of your earbuds. If you choose white, however, it may get dirty over time.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review - Charging Case

Earbuds Design

Soundcore Life Note is probably one of the best looking earbuds in this price range. It comes with an all-plastic build with a stemmed design that mimics the Apple AirPods. But the dedicated nozzles allow for a better fit than the original AirPods. The earbuds keep a low profile and do not protrude much from the ear. A little complaint about the design is the LED light that blinks on the earphones, and it can be a bit annoying for some people.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review


The earbuds have physical button control instead of touch control. It does most of the things except volume control, which I would like to see in a pair of TWS. A single press on either side of the earbuds does pause or play the music. Double press on the right earbuds for the next track and double press on the left earbuds for the previous track. Long press on either of the earbuds wakes Google Assistant. However, there is a noticeable lag in the controls and can be irritating at times.

These buttons are a little hard to press. It’s not a stretch to call this painful. Holding the stem’s base between your thumb and middle finger while pressing the button with your index finger is just a workaround.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review - Controls

How does it fit?

Due to its angular design, The earbuds stay in the ear well enough for general workouts like running but may fall out of the ears with more vigorous movements. The default ear tips fit my ears perfectly, provide a great seal, and offer good passive noise isolation.  It is essential to have a great seal to experience the punchy bass they create. The earbuds are rated IPX5 water-resistant.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review - Fit

Sound Quality

The Soundcore Life Note has a 6mm graphene driver to produce the sound; in comparison, the 6mm driver is tiny compared to larger drivers (9 -14 mm) found in other true wireless earbuds in this price category. However, due to high-quality graphene drivers, it sounds similar or better than these competitors with larger drivers.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review

When it comes to sound signature, these are bass-heavy. If you are a bass-head, you will love it. The mids are great; the male and female voices sounded good and had a nice presence. As far as treble goes, it is slightly boosted, but I think it needed slightly more boost, especially considering the bass is so powerful. 

This is not an open sounding pair of headphones. You are not going to be able to pinpoint where the instrument sound is coming from accurately. In general, the sound signature has boosted bass, but the mids are where they need to be. The treble is slightly boosted up, but it’s not bright enough. So they’re not as clear-sounding with well-recorded tracks, but they’re warmer and more forgiving

Soundcore Life Note TWS earbuds are not supported by Anker Soundcore App that could provide various EQ settings and other features to their Liberty series TWS earbuds. If you are a bass-head, Soundcore Life Note is a great option for you. But if you are into balanced sound signature OPPO’s TWS earbuds, The Enco W31 will be a better option. But if you are looking for the best-sounding wireless earphone in this price category, it would be Oppo’s Enco M31(Our Review)

Connectivity and Pairing

In terms of connectivity, Soundcore Life Note with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX support. It supports aptX, AAC, and SBC codec for wireless streaming. Due to the presence of aptX codec, you’ll hear high-quality audio. I have got an excellent range and do not face any disconnection issues with them. The Anker Soundcore Life Note doesn’t support multi-device connectivity, so you have to switch between smartphones, laptops, and tablets manually. To do so, manually disconnect from the primary device and manually connect to the secondary one. Also, you can use one earbud at a time too. 

To pair the Anker Soundcore Life Note earbuds with your smartphone, take them out of the case and wait for the LED light indicators at the bottom of their stems to flash white. Next, open the Bluetooth menu on your device and search for a new Bluetooth device. Select “Anker Soundcore Life Note” and allow it to pair with your smartphone.

Audio Latency in Gaming

For gamers, latency is relatively low. However, like any wireless product, it has a fair amount of lag. Wireless headphones are not recommended for core gamers who require high precision. I don’t play many games that require low latency in audio. However, one of my friends who have the same pair of earphones say you can use it for playing games like PUBG or COD, and the other wouldn’t recommend it though

Call Quality

Soundcore Life Note has good call quality among the TWS earphones. They have four microphones, two of which are supposed to help with noise reduction when making calls in noisy environments with beamforming noise reduction and cVc 8.0 technology. They do a decent job of reducing background noise during calls. Overall, it has good call quality in its price category.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the best things about the Soundcore Life Note is its battery life. It lasts up to 7 hours and has a whopping 810 mAh case. It also features fast charging, and with 10 minutes of charging, it gives you up to 1 hour of playback time. I got around 6 to 6.5 playback time from the earbuds in my testing, which is pretty impressive compared to other TWS offering 3-4 hours maximum in the budget segment. The case also lasted for an entire week, a feat for any wireless earbud case.

Anker Soundcore Life Note Review - Battery Life and Charging


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Affordable
  • Fast charging
  • Good sound for the price – bass-heavy
  • Bluetooth 5.0, aptX support
  • IPX5 water-resistance rating


  • Big Case
  • Ear pain when pushing buttons.
  • Audio-visual lag
  • Lag in button control
  • Lacks of wear detection
  • LED indicator on the earbuds


The Anker Soundcore Life Note is a good pair of TWS earbuds with a bass-heavy sound signature. If you are a bass head, you will love them! They offer fantastic battery life in both the earbuds and in the charging case. It also comes with aptX support and with a fit and design that works well for most people. They are arguably the best value offering from Anker’s true wireless lineup. However, As I said earlier, expect good sound quality and not great. The Oppo Enco W31 TWS earbuds with their balanced sound signature will be a better option if you are into better sound quality.

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What is the difference between Soundcore Life Note and Soundcore Life P2?

They are very similar earbuds. To be exact, the only difference is in the design and the IP rating; almost identical in other aspects. Life P2 comes with an IPX7 rating, whereas Life Note is limited to IPX5. Another difference is Life P2 has the Soundcore logo on the button, while the Life Note is simple and straightforward.

Is Soundcore Life Note waterproof?

The Soundcore Life Note comes with an IPX5 rating, which can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. But the Soundcore Life P2, which is very similar to Life Note but comes with an IPX7 rating, can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

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