Reviews Policy

Picky Beast accepts devices, software and accessories for review. We maintain full control over our reviews and social media posts. Submitting a review unit doesn’t mean we will produce one.

We are ready to review unreleased products under an embargo; in these cases, we publish the review after the agreed date and time.

We usually need a minimum of 30 days to give final verdicts on some products. So please consider it if you are giving loaner units.

We aim to provide our honest opinion in reviews to help our readers to find the right products for their use cases. We do not publish press releases from brands. We work with brands to help them tell stories about their products. But we are always going to keep 100% real with our readers to let them know the worth of spending their hard-earned money.

Are you a PR executive or a brand representative looking to get your product featured on Picky Beast, reach us via email with your requirements In case you want to send the review units directly use the below-mentioned address.

Mohamed Rasi P
Parambil House
Areekulam, vengara
Iringallur P.O
If you need contact number please reach us through the above-mentioned email address