As a new entity to consumer technology websites, we do not have resources to buy every product on our own. So in these initial days, the Images we use in this website either will be our own, press images provided by brands,royalty-free images or credited to the source/person.

Most of our initial posts on the opinion section and comparison section will be based on the content from other major tech websites and tech youtube channels trusted by us. But we do not copy their content. Instead, we write our content by analyzing all other contents in a most simple way which can be understood by any ordinary person. We will mention it at the starting of each content made using this method. Due to this, we could guarantee the information is 100% accurate.

We would not take any responsibility for any errors in our content or our tutorial. But we try to make sure our content is as accurate as possible. We will reserve all the rights to modify, addition or deletion of content at any moment. We do not guarantee the services we recommend are virus-free or harmful in any way. Also, we could not guarantee the accuracy of content or information provided by external websites we linked in to.