Realme 30W 10000mAh Power Bank - The best Power Bank in India

Realme launched their new 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank in India for just 1999 rupees on July 14 2020, and we think it is the best Power Bank that money can buy right now, not just in India, but in the whole world. Why is it so special? Read this article for more details

The one thing that sets it apart from other Power Banks out there is various charging technology supported by it and up to 30W fast charging. It is the only one Power Bank out there which supports USB PD+VOOC based charging technology at the same time. Before going to more details, first, check out its other features.


The Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank comes with a similar design with its predecessors. The outside body has fine and delicate carbon fiber texture design along with a big realme logo on one side and a small dart charge logo on the other comes with two colours black and yellow.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- design

It weighs 230g and has an overall thickness of 17mm making it easy to carry in your pockets or fit perfectly in your palm and it is comfortable to hold, giving a nice grip, its overall size is similar to a modern-day smartphone.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank - size

Battery Capacity

It features high-density Li-Po batteries with 10000 mAh capacity and can be used to power your mobile phones, gaming console, AIoT devices and other devices at multiple times. You can bring this Power Bank to your flight trips.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Battery Capacity

Safety and Protection

To ensure safety, the Power Bank comes with 15-layer charging protection that includes dual cell safety protection, 13 layers of circuit protection like temperature protection, battery over-voltage protection, output over-voltage and current protection, output short circuit protection, battery overcharge and over-discharge protection, etc

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Saftey


The Realme 30W Dart Charge Power Bank has one USB type-c port which supports input and output up to 30W and another USB-A which supports output up to 30W. Due to this, it is possible to charge two devices at the same time(maximum 25W power output for dual-port charging) or it can charge a device with USB-A and get charged itself through USB-C at 30W due to support for two-way fast charging.

Low Current Mode

The 30W Dart Charge Power Bank can also be used to charge devices that require low-current charging like AIoT devices, earphones, fitness trackers, etc by its inbuilt low current mode, just double click the Power Bank turn on the Low Current Mode.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Low Current Mode

How long does it take to fully charge the Power Bank?

According to Realme, it takes around 96 minutes to fully charge the Power Bank with a compatible 30W(5V2A/5V3A/5V6A/9V3A and 12V2.5A) Dart/Warp/VOOC 4.0 Charger. You can also use 30W or more watt rated USB PD chargers to nearly similar top up rate or can use other chargers out there to slowly top up the Power Bank( QC, VOOC 3.0, Dash, SuperVOOC 1.0 and 2.0, etc)

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Input

Does it support Two-way fast charging?

The Power Bank supports 30W two way fast charging and  it is possible to charge two devices at the same time(maximum 25W power output for dual-port charging) or it can charge a device with USB-A and get charged itself through USB-C at 30W.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Two way fast charging

How fast can it charge other devices?

According to Realme, this new 30W Dart Charge Power Bank is 66.7% faster to charge Realme 6(30 minutes charge to get 65%). For single port output, USB-C and USB-A support fast charging up to 30W(5V3A/5V6A/9V3A/12V2.5A and 15V2A) and for dual-port charging the total output power can reach 25W(5V5A).

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- Input

The one thing that set it apart from any other Power Bank in the world is its compatibility to various main steam fast charging protocols. It supports various protocols like Dart,VOOC,Warp,PD,QC,,AFC,BC1.2,5V/2.4A.So it compatible with 30W,20W VOOC based(Oneplus, OPPO, Realme, VIVO) charging, USB PD charging up to 30W, Qualcomm quick charging up to 18W(QC 4.0+), and other 18W,15W,10W devices.

Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000 mAh Power Bank- VOOC

Note: Charging speed

  • VOOC 4.0(30W) devices at 30W output
  • VOOC 3.0(20W) devices at 20W output
  • SuperVOOC 1.0(50W) devices at 10W output
  • SuperVOOC 2.0(65W) devices at 20W output
  • Realme devices are either using VOOC 3.0,4.0 or SuperVOOC 2.0
  • Oneplus devices charge either at 30W or 20W depending upon the maximum supported input by the device
  • Qualcomm quick charge devices charge up to max 18W output
  • USB PD devices  will charge up to 30W output
  • Devices using proprietary charges solution will charge at 10W or 18W(depends on its QC support or USB PD(depends upon the device PD compatibility)

Note: Various Charging solutions

  • For reference apple, google, premium laptops, xiaomi new phones(30,33,50,65W not the 27W(POCO X2 or Redmi K20 Pro or MI9- these use proprietary, but they support PD or QC up to 18W)), Samsung New flagships now using PD based charging technology
  • Most of the android devices out there will support QC 3.0(18W) or lower QC technologies. Only a few of the android devices support QC 4.0( also 18W but more efficient) charging solution, all QC 4.0 phones are PD compatible too.
  • Most of the Chinese brands(Huawei,xiaomi,realme, OnePlus, OPPO, VIVO, Meizu) are using proprietary charging solutions too.

How Does it become the best Power Bank in the world:

For us to back our statement first we have to look for other solutions out there

  • In India, Most of the Power banks are based on QC technology or lower 10W,5V/2.4 charging technology
  • Xiaomi is the No.1 Power Bank in India and they only sell maximum 18W two-way fast charging Power Bank and without PD support.
  • The only budget Power Bank with USB PD support along with QC is from realme with their Realme Power Bank 1 and 2.
  • When we look for top international brands like Belkin, Anker, Aukey, RAVPower, etc their products are overpriced here in India and most of them only compatible up to 18W with USB PD or QC.
  • But some of them have 30W,45W,50W USB PD power banks but they don’t support any VOOC based charging solution
  • In China, Both Xiaomi and ZMI have 45W or 50W USB PD Power Bank with xiaomi own proprietary charging solution but they didn’t support VOOC based charging solution
  • As of now, we haven’t discussed any Power Bank with VOOC based charging solution or support. There is a huge number of device out there(realme, OnePlus, OPPO, VIVO,iQOO) using charging solution based on it
  • In India, we have oppo 20W VOOC Power Bank but it does not support PD 
  • Globally oppo have another 50W SuperVOOC Power Bank which also does not support PD

Now if you are gone through all of these points and Realme 30W Dart Charge Power Bank features discussed above, you will be already clear that it is the only one Power Bank which offers all the fast-charging solutions(Up to 30W) and especially with the support of never seen Combo of USB PD+ VOOC Based Charging solution.

Pricing and availability

The Power Bank is priced at 1999 rupees and will be available in both Flipkart and Realme India website from July 21, 2020, onwards.

Buy Now: Realme 10000 mAh Power Bank (Fast Charging, 30 W)

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Source: Realme

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