Netflix testing Rs 349 Mobile+ plan in India with HD streaming, PC& Tablet access

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Netflix India is testing new affordable HD streaming plan in India with Mobile, Computer and Tablet support based on 1 device at a time policy and dropped the earlier basic Rs.499 plan. The new Rs.349 Mobile+ Plan offers HD streaming with 1 device at a time in the phone, Computer and tablet but TV not included. But it still offers much better value compared to the previous basic Rs.499 plan which offers SD streaming with 1 device at a time in Phone, Tablet, Computer and TV.

The cheapest Plan still stays at Rs.199 with SD streaming in Phone and Tablet only with 1 device at a time which was introduced July last year earned huge popularity in India duo to its cheaper price tag. Now Netflix is trying to get same great success with its cheapest HD streaming Plan.

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Netflix Streaming Plans in India

1. Mobile

  • Rs.199 per month
  • SD streaming
  • Phone and Tablet Only
  • Watch on 1 device at a time

2. Mobile+

  • Rs.349 per month
  • HD streaming
  • Phone, Tablet and Computer. TV is not included
  • Watch on 1 device at a time

3. Standard

  • Rs.648 per month
  • HD streaming
  • watch on Phone, Tablet, Computer and TV
  • watch on 2 devices at a time

4. Premium

  • Rs. 799 per month
  • 4K HDR
  • watch on Phone, Tablet, Computer, and TV
  • Watch on 4 Device at a time

The OTT/streaming market in India is growing at an exponential rate with many players such as disney+ Hotstar. Prime Video, Zee5, SonyLiv, etc with much more affordable plans compared to Netflix in India.
Netflix is still the most expensive OTT/streaming platform in India due to its similar pricing all across the world and now it is welcoming to see Netflix finally understand the price-sensitive Indian market and launching more affordable plan which is accessible to more people.

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source: androidpure | ndtv gadgets

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