Google Photos Unlimited Free Backup Tutorial

Google Photos is the most useful and the best photo storage and sharing app on the planet right now. It has a lot of great features, but many of us are still not familiar with utilizing its full potential. One of the main features of Google Photos is its unlimited free backup option for photos and videos. Here is our setup guide to the unlimited backup feature in both Mobile and PC version.

Some key features offered by Google Photos

  • You can use it as a typical gallery app with an excellent built-in photo editor and a lot of smart features.
  • The library tab contains the essential destinations in your photo library like Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and more.
  • All Photos are automatically organized and easily searchable based on faces, location, objects, date, etc.
  • Securely Backup your photos and videos and enjoy them from any device
  • You can share photos and albums with friends and family.
  • You can make an album based on faces, places, objects, dates, etc.
  • New photos are automatically get added to the albums.
  • You can make shared albums with multiple people contributions (for example, photos from a trip) and also have an option to chat between them.
  • Google photos have Instagram stories like feature called memories.
  • It also offers Stylised photos, view photos in Smart displays, an interactive map view of photos taken, etc.
  • It offers free unlimited storage of photos and videos

How to Back up Photos using Google Photos

Google Photos is available on major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, etc. It offers three types of backup quality

Google Photos backup quality selection page in mobile
  1. Original Quality – Here, Free storage is limited to 15GB, which is also utilized for your Gmail and Google Drive. Here Photos and Videos are backed up with its full resolution. Paid plans are available for more storage options.
  2. High Quality – Free Unlimited Backup at high resolution. Here the photos are compressed to 16MP and videos into Full HD resolution. But that is plenty enough for regular use.
  3. Express – Free Unlimted backup at reduced resolution. Here the photos are compressed into 3MP and videos into SD quality. 

If you ready to spend some money (still offers excellent value) and need backup at full resolution, you can for Orginal Quality Backup. But Anyone we recommend to use High-Quality Backup with free unlimited Storage.

How to Step up Backup in Smartphone

It is very easy to set up a backup in smartphones. Just go to google photos app settings – Backup & sync – Turn on the Backup and sync Toggle, select the google account to back up the photos.

How to set up google photos backup in  android smartphone

In Upload Size, select the  High Quality (Free Backup at high resolution) or if you are ready to pay for full resolution, select the Orginal Quality Option

In the Mobile data usage section, you can select one according to your data plan. Your Photos in Camera folder will get automatically get backed up selecting these options. If you need to backup photos from other folders, please utilize Back up device folders option.

How to set up Backup in Windows/MAC?

Here you can view and edit your photos through google photos in a web browser. But to back up the images, you need to download Backup and Sync Application from Google from this link. This application is common to manage your Google Photos and drive. After installing it into your PC/MAC, open it. Then open its preference page

Google Backup and sync PC preferences setting page

Here you can select the folders needed to backup to google drive or photos by using Choose Folders

Google backup and sync PC settings page

You can select the Quality of the Photos and Videos to Back up (Select High Quality for Unlimited free Backup)

Google Backup and sync PC quality selection page

Or choose the file types to backup. If you select Backup all your files and Folder, it will backup everything to google photos and google drive from the selected folders.

Google backup and sync PC file selection option

With this step, we have completed the tutorial and we hope you guys can able to follow this guide without any confusion.

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